Quality of Service and Flexibility of Studying Options

  • Providing flexible quality course content that is practically required in the particular field of study.
  • Focusing on mastering practical skills and techniques
  • Providing online courses for flexible learning approach


Quality of Service

One may think that the quality of service should be the visible preparation, classroom setting, basic hygiene, classroom size, or well prepared course structure.

However, we think the real quality of service is invisible qualities – the ability of e-tutors, the generosity of support and care, the heart of the college for students even though these two qualities should have balance.

At ShippingCollege we deliver on these invisible qualities.


Flexibility of Studying Options

Our flexible learning method proves our care and support for our students and learners.
Personal e-Tutors that understand and listen to their students.
Our understanding that our students often work full time and require flexibility and understanding in achieving their goals.